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"to lose and be loved is better than never to have loved at all" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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new lj [Nov. 19th, 2004|08:42 pm]
i have a new lj my new account is best_blondette yep!
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today [Nov. 19th, 2004|06:51 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[whats on the down low!?!? |my prerogative-britney spears]

ok...today was ok i mean it was pretty boring..but i guess everyday is like that! gym was fun though because gabriella and i were playing(pretty well..)and then we went to help ilsa, bein, alex and maddy..it was soo funny because maddy was on her knees trying to hit it it was funny!

will somebody please make me an icon with a picture of gwen stefani with "what you waiting for" written on it>? please...i would really appreciate it!
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2004|05:01 pm]
[mood |energetic-like an energizer bunny]
[whats on the down low!?!? |gwen stefani~what you waiting for]

yAy!.....Gabriella's is bringing back a hot aussie for me! yAy!! haha! i'm soo excited!...and if she can't find one then a reallly really hot brit...so that's cool! i got my hw done and joey, will & grace, the apprentice and er is on tonight~i'm excited! if anybody watched America's Next Top Model last night it was soo funny cuz they went to japan and they had to do a commercial and it was sooo funny cuz they had to speak japanese! hahah like 2 of the girls did sooo bad..omg it was soo funny!

reminders for anybody who is getting their picture redone...it's tomorrow! yea..i almost forgot! then i would have another really bad picture!

tom. i'm gonna get flu mist sooo i don't die of the flu!~but i'm sure alot of people do want me to die of the flu! haha...jk..or am i?!? ilsa needs to get that too so she doesn't miss more school or die...that would be bad, its sad w/o ilsa! i'm glad ure back ilsa!!!
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hello from library! [Nov. 17th, 2004|08:18 am]
[mood |crappycrappy]
[whats on the down low!?!? |mrs. st john talkin to mr. harding]

i'm in the library...its first period and i already want to go home! ugh..i'm soo tired! i want to lay in my bed and watch tv..or go to king of prussia and eat at the cheesecake factory and have chicken piccata and cheesecake!! wow that sounds really good right now! haha...i'm obsessed with food its rediculous! i gtg b4 mrs. st john finds me! ttyl ~cya
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omg! [Nov. 15th, 2004|04:29 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[whats on the down low!?!? |gwen stefani]

can life get any better when he wants to bang u?!?...i don't think so..well maybe if he was johnny or roddick it would be better but wow this is awesoem!! hehe

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:193
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2004|10:41 am]
[mood |ditzyditzy]
[whats on the down low!?!? |qwen stefanni]

sittin in comp class....pretty boring cuz my computer doesn't have a music thing....wah...i'm done w/ the inpiration thing..yAy! *ponders* what should i do??????.....??? hmm...maybe i'll try and find funny pictures....ahh! and i agree w/ viki music is very boring
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2004|08:44 am]
[mood |complacentcomplacent]
[whats on the down low!?!? |mr.magoo-hehe]

i woke up at 8:00 today....on fri nite i went to see the incredibles and it was a lot bettter than i thought it was gonne be...i liked the baby that turned into a ball of fire and then into a demon that was funny!...and there was a girl that reminded me of the girl on the grudge..saturday was pretty boring..i need to call gabriella..hmm well i'm gonna go make breakfast, ttyl
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name thinger [Nov. 1st, 2004|04:53 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[whats on the down low!?!? |cry-faith hill]

1. Take your LJ username and replace each letter with the corresponding number (A=1, B=2, etc...).

2. Add all of the numbers together to create a kind of super number.
= 183

3. Add the digits of the number together.
= 12

4. Find the post of this number in your LJ. If you don't have that many posts, add the digits together again.

5. Take the digit you noted in step 3, and count that many words into the post.- shock

6. Use the resulting word in a Google Image Search, and select a picture from the first page and post the results for all of us to see.

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woke up at 8:50 [Oct. 30th, 2004|09:24 am]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[whats on the down low!?!? |movie]

i'm excited about today...we're goin to field of screams and thats always fun!...later on today i'm going to gabriella's house and maddy's coming to her house too...that will be fun! i just wish viki could come but she has a concert, which i wish u luck on! but i'll hav justine to hold on to so i'll cut off her circulation...agian but this time it will be worse...cuz they will be right next to me and that means samara will come alive!! haha
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2004|03:57 pm]
[mood |lethargiclethargic]
[whats on the down low!?!? |ellen]

i'm soo tired...that i fell numb...lol very odd feeling! there was a girl on a commercial that looked like she had a mustache...wier...tonite i'm gonna do that advisor thing b4 i forget it...cuz i would forget if i didn't....sorry if i'm kinda repeating myself but i'm soo tired that i'm not really thinking straight! tonite joey, will & grace and er is on! yAy....we don't have like any hw....i'm just gonna work on my review of lit...i mean i got a 19/20 but i would rather make it better...ya kno?? cya
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