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yAy!.....Gabriella's is bringing back a hot aussie for me! yAy!!… - "to lose and be loved is better than never to have loved at all" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 18th, 2004|05:01 pm]
[mood |energetic-like an energizer bunny]
[whats on the down low!?!? |gwen stefani~what you waiting for]

yAy!.....Gabriella's is bringing back a hot aussie for me! yAy!! haha! i'm soo excited!...and if she can't find one then a reallly really hot brit...so that's cool! i got my hw done and joey, will & grace, the apprentice and er is on tonight~i'm excited! if anybody watched America's Next Top Model last night it was soo funny cuz they went to japan and they had to do a commercial and it was sooo funny cuz they had to speak japanese! hahah like 2 of the girls did sooo bad..omg it was soo funny!

reminders for anybody who is getting their picture redone...it's tomorrow! yea..i almost forgot! then i would have another really bad picture!

tom. i'm gonna get flu mist sooo i don't die of the flu!~but i'm sure alot of people do want me to die of the flu! haha...jk..or am i?!? ilsa needs to get that too so she doesn't miss more school or die...that would be bad, its sad w/o ilsa! i'm glad ure back ilsa!!!